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R&S Tissue Culture Laboratories (Pty) Ltd – South Africa was founded in 2005. It evolved into a modern, dynamic and growing tissue culture laboratory. The company makes use of the latest production planning systems and high tech equipment enabling them to produce a world class product which meets international standards. The company started with a capacity of a few thousand plants per year and has already grown to a production capacity of 8 million plants per year.

Our mission:

“R&S” mission is to establish and maintain enduring relationships with breeders and growers around the world, to supply a consistently high quality product which is delivered on time, at a truly competitive price. Customer expectations will be exceeded.

Our Personnel:

The founders of R&S South Africa, who live next to the lab, also run and manage the daily business. Together they have over 25 years’ experience in tissue culture of plants. Jean Roeleveld studied at The HAS in Den Bosh in The Netherlands and has a Bachelor’s degree in horticulture. His career started as general manager of SBW Macedonia for a period of 4 years. His wife, Saska Roeleveld also started her career in Macedonia, has a broad experience of all aspects of T.C. production. All staff presently working at R&S South Africa have been personally selected and trained by Saska in order to reach the required skills and speed.

Unemployment rate in whole South Africa is high (24, 9 %). At this moment over 70 people are employed in R&S South Africa and we’re still growing. With our activities and cooperation with local supplying companies we support and highly contribute to the welfare and wellbeing of the local community of Riversdale. We pride ourselves that we have gathered a dedicated and trustworthy workforce which enables us to secure our production and your orders.

Jean Roeleveld
General manager

Saska Roeleveld
Production manager

Our staf of
R&S South Africa


The name R&S originates from Roeleveld & Stojmenova (Saska).

Our location and climate:

R&S South Africa is located in Riversdale, Western Cape, South Africa. Riversdale is a small but friendly and modern town next to the Highway with about 6000 citizens. The distance to International Cape Town airport is 287 km and 1305 km to International Johanesburg airport.




Riversdale normally receives about 384 mm of rain per year, with rainfall occurring throughout the year. It receives the lowest rainfall (23 mm) in January and the highest (40 mm) in March. The average midday temperature ranges from 18.1°C in July to 27.6°C in February. The region is the coldest during July when the mercury drops to 5.7°C on average during the night. Those parameters together with the optimal “sunny hours” and light intensity determine the optimal weaning conditions. The optimal outside climate, especially the average low humidity provide an excellent climate for adequate and high quality Tissue Culture production.