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The group “R&S Tissue Culture Laboratories” originates from two laboratories on two different continents: Africa and Europe.
The African laboratory “R&S South Africa (Pty) Ltd” is located in The Republic of South Africa whilst the European laboratory “R&S Holland BV” is situated in The Netherlands. Both companies jointly facilitate a broad range of Plant Tissue Culture services; from initiation, multiplication, rooting to the weaning of plants.

Our Guarantee

R&S Tissue Culture Laboratories are independent companies. No variety is owned by R&S as its sole purpose is to supply plant tissue culture production services. Plant material supplied to us remains the full property of the client. There will be no supply of information or plant material of your varieties to any other party, as production is 100% exclusive and fully secured.

A legal agreement signed by R&S and the client, will be drawn up to fully protect the rights of the client/owner of every variety. R&S will only accept plant material with a written acknowledgement from the client stating they are the legal owner of the variety concerned, or are licensed to propagate it. The rights of breeders are fully protected and enforced by Plant Breeders’ Rights, Plant Patents and Trademarks. Plants are produced only to specific customer orders.

Client confidentiality and exclusivity are strictly maintained.